Who Killed Lucy Beale?
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A murder investigation which started on the 18th April 2014 which will last until February 2015.
There's a killer amongst them EastEnders Trailer - BBC One

There's a killer amongst them EastEnders Trailer - BBC One

"There's A Killer Amongst Them" trailer

The Who Killed Lucy Beale?: There's A Killer Amongst Them storyline started on 18 April 2014. The storyline was announced 21 February 2014 where the daughter of the Beale Clan, Lucy Beale, mysteriously gets murdered by an unknown person. The marketing campaign for the storyline is set to be the biggest one yet in EastEnders. The "There's a killer amongst them" trailer was unveiled after Lucy got killed. It could be any of the residents of Walford.

Investigating Officers

DC Summerhayes & DS Holt

DC Emma Summerhayes & DS Holt

DC Emma Summerhayes (2014)

Detective Constable Emma Summerhayes (1978 - 2015) was a Family Liaison Officer and a policewoman whom was investigating the Lucy Beale case. After having an affair with a suspect, Max Branning, Emma was fired from the case by DI Keeble. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Emma got a step closer to finding Lucy's killer. Finally, on New Year's Eve, the penny dropped for Emma and she discovered the killer. Phoning Jane - who Emma initially thought killed Lucy - Emma arragned to meet her at the park. Off-screen, Jane explains Bobby killed Lucy. Jane manages to persuade Emma to keep it a secret and she agrees. Later that day, a distressed Emma decides the secret it too much and sets off the police station. However, sadly, she is knocked over by Ronnie Mitchell's car and dies from a bleed to the brain later. Emma took her discovery with her to the grave.

DS Holt (2014)

Detective Sargent Holt was a character who appeared very briefly. He and Emma Summerhayes began investigating Lucy's death, however, he was discharged from the case for unknown reasons a month later.

DS Cameron Bryant (2014-)

DS Cameron Bryant is the ex-finace of Emma Summerhayes. After discovering Max's affair with Emma, Bryant became desperarate to make Max pay. Eventually, Bryant got the pleasure of charging Max with Lucy's murder, despite his innocence.

DI Samantha Keeble (2014-)

DCI Jill Marsden (2015-)


Name Became a suspect
Jake Stone 12th May 2014
Lee Carter 25th April 2014
Billy Mitchell 18th July 2014

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