Walford Surgery
Walford Surgery
Walford Surgery sign.
Address 1A Albert Square
Owned by Council
Used for Doctor's Surgery

Walford Surgery is the local medical pratice were residents of Walford visit thier GP, built in 1947 the pratice was ran by Dr.Harold Legg from 1985, Legg later retired in 1997. 


The surgery opened in about 1890 when Albert Square was completed. In 1940's, Dr. Harold Legg moved into the surgery and opened up his practice there.

In a episode dated 11 June 2015, Carol Jackson reads a letter that she has received stating the Surgery is to be closed and Carol mentions it will be about two buses to the nearest one.

In a episode dated 28 August 2015, Stacey Branning's Prescription is seen with Walford Health Centre's address on it, which is the replacement for Walford Surgery.

General Practitioners

Doctor Name: Years Active:
Harold Legg 1947 - 1997
Jaggat Singh 1986 - 1987
David Samuels 1988-1989
Dr Richard 1998 - 2001
Fred Fonseca 1999 - 2000
Anthony Trueman 2000 - 2003
Johnathon Leroy 2003 - 2005
Oliver Cousins 2006
May Wright 2006 - 2007
Poppy Merritt 2008 - 2009
Al Jenkins 2009 - 2010
Yusef Khan 2010 - 2011
Dr Hugh 2012
Paige Luxton 201?- 2015
Sam Burnett 201?- 2015
Dale Lockey 201?- 2015




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