Walford Market Office
Bridge Street Market
Address Turpin Road
Owned by Council
Used for Market Trading
Occupied by Tamwar Masood
Walford Market Office is located on Turpin Road, it serves as the place where traders can go to request or pay for a pitch. The office was managed by Aleks Shirovs and he was assisted by Tamwar Masood. Unfortunately, it emerged Aleks had been double dealing the market traders and was stealing their money. Upon discovering this, Tamwar phoned the police on Aleks and he fled the country.


It was first seen on TV in February 2014 when Masood Ahmed robbed money from there during his downwards spiral.

Recently Aleks and his ex-wife (Marta Shirovs) shared a passionate moment after not seeing each-other for a year.

Tamwar has recently discovered that Alek has been collecting additional money from traders and passing it off as an additional council fee, Tamwar discovered this when he did the Financial Report for the last three months (14 April 2015). Tamwar the next day confronted Alek and he just told Tamwar he was fired. Tamware then sent an email to the council with the evidence and Walford Council fired Alek and called the Police (16 April 2015).

Nancy Carter contacted Walford Council and arranged a meeting for Tamwar so he could discuss becoming the Market Inspector, they made him the Acting Market Inspector and Tamwar was delighted and reasserted his authority to Donna Yates, who had previously undermined it that day (17 April 2015.

Market Inspectors

Over the years there have been many Market Inspectors, below is a list

Name and Job Title: Year:
Mr J. Beecham
Market Inspector (unseen)
Michael Rose
Market Inspector
Marie Matthews
Market Inspector
Mr Lister
Market Inspector
Tamwar Masood
Assistant Market Inspector
Aleks Shirovs
Market Inspector
Tamwar Masood
Market Inspector
(previously Acting Market Inspector)
Carmel Kazemi
Market Inspector
Robbie Jackson
Market Inspector




Pitch Layout


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