Allotments 2014

Walford allotments is the allotments for Walford, London, E20. It was used regularly by Arthur Fowler until he died on the allotments in 1996. The scene of a murder happened in 2009 when Lucas Johnson killed Trina. He left her to die in the shed and within days flies were buzzing round her decaying body.



Location within Walford

The allotments is a short walk away from Albert Square. It is behind McKlunky's, Polish Delicatessen, Coker & Sons and On The Spot Cash on Turpin Road. Originally it was persumed to be a bus ride away from Albert Square but later it was said to be behind Turpin Road. It is next to Walford Park. (Is this actually stated or just based on the location on the 'Lot' - like the 'Lot' location of Victoria Square (Police Station) and Victoria Road (Cafe) are not located where they are meant to be in Walford)


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