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Vicki Fowler

Played by Scarlett Johnson

First Appearance: 27th May 1986
Last Appearance: 25th December 2004
Occupation: Student

Father Den Watts
Mother Michelle Fowler
Half-Brothers Dennis Rickman
Mark Fowler Jnr
Half-Sisters Sharon Watts (adoptive)
Grandfathers Arthur Fowler
Grandmothers Pauline Fowler
Uncles Mark Fowler
Martin Fowler
Nephews Dennis Rickman Jnr
Cousins Rebecca Fowler

Vicki Fowler was the offspring of Michelle Fowler and Den Watts, and was always used to getting her own way.

Runaway teen rebel Vicki was never going to be a good girl with parents like Dirty Den Watts and bolshy teen mum, Michelle Fowler. Whereas Sharon had been Den's Princess, Vicki careered back into the Square in 2003 to establish herself as Den's Queen (Vicks). But she had her work cut out to surpass her sparkling sister in daddy's estimations.

Fairly rapidly she wound up in trouble - pregnant with Spencer Moon's baby. Sharon, who was infertile, offered to buy the tiny tot and Spencer wanted to be a father, but ever the single-minded gal, Vicki took matters into her own hands and ended the pregnancy.

On discovering that she had a half brother, Dennis Rickman, Vicki lured the lad to Albert Square, much to her entire family's annoyance. However, it was Vicki who was left gutted when she discovered that Sharon and Dennis had started a relationship. Alongside her father, she did everything in her power to split them up.

On discovering that Zoe Slater was carrying Dennis's baby, Sharon decided to leave. Den didn't want her to leave and Vicki overheard him letting slip that he loved her less than Sharon. Gutted, Vicki decided to leave the Square with Sharon and return to her mum for further tears and tantrums in Florida.

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