Eastenders has been released on VHS, DVD and later on Youtube, below shows what has been released and on what format. 


Eastender VHS

Eastenders on VHS

Since the early years of Eastenders a five VHS's and one VHS Boxset has been released in the United Kingdom by BBC Video.  

Indivual releases

- The Queen Vic  (released 1986)

- The Den & Angie Years (released 31 October 1994)

The Mitchells - Naked Truths (released 1 October 1999)

15 Years of Eastenders (released 14 February 2000)  

Slaters in Detention (released 10 November 2003)                                      


- The First 15 Years (The Den & Angie Years/The Mitchells - Naked Truths/15 Years of Eastenders) 3 VHS Box Set 


Slaters in Detention

Slaters in Detention - DVD Cover

Only two Eastenders DVD's have been released by 2entertain (BBC DVD)/ BBC Warner (US & Canada)

Slaters in Detention

  • Released 10 November 2003 (UK) / 1 March 2005 (US & Canada)
  • Feature 57 Minutes                                                                                                                          

Special Features:

  • Out-takes 
  • Alternate Ending Little Mo's Trial
  • "Slaters Revealed" & "Sparks Will Fly" (Behind the Scenes Documentaries) 
  • Photo Gallery

Slaters in Detention Promo DVD

Slaters in Detention - Promo DVD Cover

Note: A 22 minute taster was release as part The Mirror's free DVD give away 15 November 2003. Promotional DVD includes


  • Slaters in Detention opening sequence
  • Flashback sequences
  • Photo Gallery
  • Behind-the-scenes EastEnders Revealed documentary highlights

Eastenders A-Z Tour DVD

An A-Z Tour of Albert Square

  • Released: October 2005 (UK)
  • Note only released as BBC's Reading and Writing (RaW) campaign.
  • Interactive DVD game
  • Unlock classic clips by answering 25 questions
  • Runtime: 80 Minutes  

Last Tango in Walford

Last Tango in Walford - DVD Cover

Last Tango in Walford

  • Released: 8 February 2010 (UK) / 7 February 2011 (AU)
  • Feature: 60 Minutes                                                                                                     

Special Features:

  • 25 classic moments from a quarter of century of Eastenders
  • Out-takes
  • Trailers - "They're Back" and "Jackson 5" 




Since 1 December 2012 the BBC have released the first 54 episodes of Eastenders on their Eastenders Youtube account, the following year on 23 July 2013 they uploaded a further 14 episode bring the total to 68 episodes that have been made available see the first 68 episodes by Clicking here

BBC Store

BBC Store Logo

Since 5 November 2015 the BBC have released the episodes with the earliest being Episode 4900 (4th August 2014). According to BBC Worldwide more will be added in the future.
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In December 2015 a selection of Classic Christmas episodes were made available on BBC Store.
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