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Tiffany Butcher
Portrayed by Maisie Smith
First Appearance 1st April 2008
Last Appearance 12 September 2014
Occupation Student
Father Ricky Butcher
Mother Bianca Jackson
Brothers Liam Butcher
Sisters Natasha Butcher
Half-Brothers Morgan Butcher
Half-Sisters Kira Salter
Whitney Dean (adoptive)
Grandfathers Frank Butcher
David Wicks
Grandmothers June Butcher
Carol Jackson
Great-grandfathers Chike Butcher
Jim Branning
Pete Beale
Great-grandmothers Mo Butcher
Reenie Branning
Dot Branning (step)
Pat Evans
Uncles Danny Butcher
Joe Wicks
Robbie Jackson
Billie Jackson
Aunts Clare Butcher
Diane Butcher
Janine Butcher
Karen Wicks
First cousins Rebecca Fowler
Jacques Butcher
Scarlett Moon
Other relatives Lou Beale
Albert Beale
Pauline Fowler
Kenny Beale
Ian Beale
Mark Fowler
Michelle Fowler
Martin Fowler
Peter Beale
Lucy Beale
Bobby Beale
Max Branning
Jack Branning
Bradley Branning
Lauren Branning
Abi Branning
Oscar Branning
Penny Branning
Amy Mitchell

Tiffany Butcher (né Dean) made her first appearance on the 1st April 2008 and she is the daughter of Bianca Jackson and Ricky Butcher, although it was believed she was the daughter of Nathan Dean. She left Walford on 12th September 2014 after moving to Milton Keynes with her mum, Terry Spraggan, her half brother, Morgan Butcher and Terry's children, TJ and Rosie Spraggan.


In late 2009, Bianca finally told little Tiff that Ricky was her father. Tiffany was overjoyed. On Christmas Day 2009, it was all happiness for Tiffany and her wayward family as it was announced Ricky and Bianca were to marry for the second time. In February 2010, it was getting closer to Ricky and Bianca's wedding, but there was one more thing to celebrate, Tiffany's 7th birthday. The day got off to a good start as Tiff and on/off pal Dotty tricked Ricky into giving them the day off. So the girls spent the time listening to Tiffany's new mp3 player. Dotty asked for a go of Tiffany's new dress, she said no as it was hers. Dotty then threatened to throw the mp3 out of the window, so little Tiff gives her the dress. Dotty runs out of the house with the dress and mp3, and throws the mp3 into the nearby bin. Tiffany tries to climb in to get it, and asks Dotty to give her a leg-up, Dotty then pushes her in and flees. Tiffany is left unconsious in the bin, which later gets taken by the bin-men. Tiffany's uncle Billie Jackson notices something is wrong, and presses the emergency button on the bin lorry. Tiffany finds her way out with a £10,000 cheque which was sent by Bianca's father David Wicks for her wedding. They later celebrate Tiffany's 7th birthday. On 18th February 2010, Tiffany is a bridesmaid at her mum and dad's wedding. Later that day at the wedding reception, Tiffany proudly tells Dotty, My name is Tiffany Butcher, and Ricky Butcher's my dad. Tiffany wasnt seen onscreen until August 2010 when her name changed from 'Dean' to 'Butcher' in the shows credits.

On 28th December 2010, Tiffany saw her grandmother Carol kissing Whitney's boyfriend Connor Stanley and her behaviour spiralls out of control, leading to Bianca beliving she is being abused. After Bianca found out what has made Tiff act the way she has recently, she attacks Connor, leading her to go to Prison. in 2011 Tiffany later makes friends with fellow youngster Shenice Quinn. On Christmas, Tiffany and Shenice put on a show in the community centre and Tiff is overjoyed when her mum returns home.

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