Episode —
Alan Sugar'
BBC transmission date 16 November 2012
Viewers 8.22 million
Duration 4 minutes
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Director Simon Staffurth
Writer Jason Hazeley
Joel Morris
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Previous episode Episode 4532 (15 November 2012)
Next episode Episode 4533 (19 November 2012)


Lord Sugar visits Walford to find his next business partner. His first visits Alfie Moon at The Queen Victoria pub. Alfie mistakes he for the VAT collector, Lord Sugar is not impressed by how much money The Queen Vic pub is make as there is not another pub for three miles.

Masood Ahmed then stops him and then Lord Sugar he has a business plan to send Chicken Vindaloo curry by post within ten working days. Lord Sugar then meets Ian Beale and compliments him on his number of business only to find out he no longer has them.

Lord Sugar then is about to leave when he see Billy Mitchell getting rid Masood Ahmed. Billy tells Lord Sugar he wants to start a security company but Lord Sugar does not want to invest but hires Billy to look after his car.


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Lord Sugar meets EastEnders - Children in Need 2012 - BBC One

Lord Sugar meets EastEnders - Children in Need 2012 - BBC One