The Carter/Branning puppies
Lady di and her puppies
Portrayed by RSPCA puppies
Introduced by Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Address 46 Albert Square (Queen Vic)

(before adoption)

Gender Female 2 Females/3 Males
First Appearance 22 April 2014
Duration (2014)
Status Alive, adopted
Breed Mixed
Father Tramp
Mother Lady Di

There are 5 puppies


After moving into The Queen Victoria with her owners -Their Mother Lady Di becomes pregnant after mating with Abi Branning's dog Tramp , to the annoyance of her owner Linda who was planning on breeding her pedigree, in order to sell the puppies as an extra source of income. In April 2014, Lady Di gives birth to the five puppies, although the youngest girl does not make it. Phil Mitchell  reveals that she still has a heartbeat, and clears her airways. The youngest pup survives, leaving the Carter family ecstatic. The 5 puppies are then sold.