The Albert
The Albert
Address 10 Turpin Road
Owned by Vincent Hubbard
Used for Wine/Cocktail bar
Occupied by Vincent Hubbard
Kim Fox-Hubbard

The Albert is a wine and cocktail bar and is currently owned by Vincent Hubbard.


The Dagmar (1987-1988)

The Dagmar

The Dagmar at night

The Dagmar was owned by Gladstones Brewery, James Willmott-Brown took on the tenancy in 1987 and had the place renovated as a wine bar, as a rival to the Queen Vic. Angie Watts moved in and became chief barmaid in an attempt to spite Den. She later quit, claiming a dislike of the yuppie clientèle and missing The Vic. Other bar-staff included Simon Wicks, Barry Clarke, Lofty Holloway and Kathy Beale. Mary Smith was also employed as a cleaner. Following the rape of Kathy Beale by James, the Dagmar was burned down by Brad Williams on the orders of Den Watts.


Furniture Bargains, shortly after closing down

Furniture Bargains (1988-1989)

Furniture bargains opened in 1988 shortly after the fire of The Dagmar. However, the business failed after one year.

The Meal Machine (1991-1993)

The Meal Machine Doctor Who Dimensions in Time

The Meal Machine closed

In 1991 Ian Beale leased the site and went into partnership with Hattie Tavernier converting it into a catering business. Chefs included Steve Elliot and Joe Wallace (who Ian later sacked when he found out he had HIV). It later closed down when Richard Cole reported Ian to the Environmental Health. Following the closure of Beale's Market it was once again re-opened as The Meal Machine, this time owned by Mel Owen.
Beale's Market

Beale's Market

Beale's Market (1988-2000)

In 1998 Ian reopened the site as Beale's Market, a bric-a-brac store. Employees included Mel Healey, Louise Raymond, Jamie Mitchell and Jeff Healey. Following Ian's bankruptcy in 2000 it closed and was reopened as (unknown's) Bargains.

10 Turpin Road Bargains

????? Bargains

Bella's Bargains (200?-200?)

Bella's Bargains was a bargains store that opened af the failure of Beale's Market.

The Meal Machine

The Meal Machine

The Meal Machine (2001-2003)

In 2001 Mel Owen returned to the Square, she bought the business and resurrected the Meal Machine with Ian as a partner. Following her arrest in 2002 for drug trafficking Mel signed the Meal Machine over to Laura Beale as protection.

Sophisti-Kate's (2003-2005)



Sophisti-Kate's was a nail bar run by Kate Mitchell, bought for her by her husband Phil. Kate worked beside Chrissie Watts, who ran a hair salon upstairs. The salon had sustained fire damage and was later closed when Kate re-joined the police and left the Square in 2005.    


Booty (2006-2009)

Booty was a beauticians run by Tanya Branning. It was bought for by husband Max. Tanya ran the salon until December 2009 when the salon was repossessed and sold on.

Roxy's (2010-2011)

Roxys 2


(Poxy’s error name of salon) Roxy's was a beauticians owned by Roxy Mitchell, whcih she had brought in a bidding war with her sister Ronnie. Roxy hired Chelsea Fox, Jodie Gold & Kim Fox. However in 2011 Roxy was unable to run the salon and the R&R, so she sold the business back to Tanya.

Poppy-sees-the-salon-s-been-bought-54827 w650

Booty's - briefly after being sold to Sadie

Booty (2011-2013)

Tanya bought it back again in 2011 and gave it a new look she ran it until her departure in 2013.

Beauty (2013-2014)

Beauty (2014)

Beauty, following it's closure

Beauty formerly known as Booty's was a salon owned and operated by Sadie Young. Sadie purchased the salon from Tanya Branning, and fully renovated it. She hired Lola Pearce & Poppy Meadow. In 2014 she sold the 99 year lease of the salon to Sharon Rickman & Phil Mitchell who then converted it to The Albert.

The Albert (2014-2015 )

The Albert

The night before the opening of The Albert Johnny took a group of people for Lauren's 20th birthday party as Johnny had the keys to the Albert, Then later on Johnny gets fired by Sharon but then he gets the job back as Sharon felt dorry because he said that nobody ever cares about him and he always does everything wrong. On the night of the opening Sharon gives him another chance as the night before Whitney kissed him, Sharon said that Johnny could take a 4 minute break after he said can he have a 5 minute break as he saw Whitney go out of The Albert upset, he followed Whitney and then saw The Queen Victoria Publichouse was on fire. Johnny went back to The Albert and told Mick and Linda that there Vic is on fire and never went back.

On the 16th June 2014Sharon was attacked by two masked intruders just as she was closing up and having a drink with Johnny to celebrate his promotion to bar manager. Suddenly, in a dramatic turn of events, on 17th June 2014, Sharon was attacked. Johnny hid upstairs, in a state of panic.

Pearls Bar

Pearl's Bar (2015)

In order to spite Phil, Vincent - who is now the biggest shareholder of the bar - decides to change the name of The Albert and to name it after his newborn daughter, Pearl Fox-Hubbard.

Return to the Albert (2015-)

The Albert Sign (2015)

When Phil realised what Vincent had done, he physically attacked Vincent, causing Vincent to change the name back to the Albert. Ronnie Mitchell begins working there in October 2015 as she wants excitement. Sharon sells her share in March 2016 in order to pay off her Dad, Gavin Sullivan.

Previous Businesses

Business Name Years Type of Business
The Dagmar  1987-1988 Pub
The Meal Machine 1991-1993
Beale's Market 1998-2000 Bric-a-brac
Bella's Bargains 200?-200? Bargain Store
Sophisti-Kate's 2003-2005 Beauty Salon
Booty 2006-2009
Beauty Salon
Roxy's 2010 Beauty Salon
Beauty 2013-2014 Beauty Salon
The Albert 2014-2015
Cocktail Bar
Pearl's Bar 2015 Cocktail Bar



Roxy Standing outside her salon

Roxy Standing outside her salon

Name Business Years
James Willmott-Brown The Dagmar 1987-1988
Ian Beale and Hattie Tavernier The Meal Machine 1991-1993
Ian Beale Beale's Market 1998-2000
???? Bella's Bargains 200?-200?
Ian Beale and Melanie Owen The Meal Machine 2001-2003
Kate Mitchell Sophisti-Kate's 2003-2005
Tanya Cross Booty 2006-2009
Sadie Young Beauty


Sharon Mitchell The Albert 2014-16
Phil Mitchell The Albert 2014-2015
Vincent Hubbard The Albert 2015-

 Owner/Licensees for The Albert

Owner Licensee Year Bar Manager Bartenders
'Sharon Mitchell and'Phil Mitchell Sharon Mitchell 2014-2015 Johnny Carter (2014) Ronnie Mitchell and Roxy Mitchell
'Sharon Mitchell and'Vincent Hubbard 'Sharon Mitchell and'Vincent Hubbard 2015-2016 Kim Fox-Hubbard (2015-2016) Ronnie Mitchell
Vincent Hubbard Vincent Hubbard 2016 - Present Kim Fox-Hubbard (2016-) Tracey (2017)


Current Employees

Name Year
Kim Fox-Hubbard 2015-

Former Employees

Name Year
Angie Watts 1987
Simon Wicks 1987-1988
Lofty Holloway 1988
Kathy Beale 1988
Lola Pearce 2013
Poppy Meadow 2013
Lauren Branning 2013
Johnny Carter 2014
Roxy Mitchell 2014-15
Ronnie Mitchell 2014-16


Former Residents

See 10A Turpin Road

Name Year
Angie Watts 1987
Sharon Watts 1987
James Willmott-Brown 1988
Stevie Dickinson 2010-?
Asher Levi 2010-?
Sol Levi 2010-?
Naz Mehmet 2010-?



Interior Downstairs

Interior Upstairs

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