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Spencer Moon
Portrayed by Christopher Parker
First Appearance 29th November 2002
Last Appearance 7th January 2005
Occupation Chip shop manager
Ever eager to please, Spencer Moon breezed into Albert Square on big brother Alfie's leather coat tails. Bright-eyed and eternally vulnerable, Spencer was on a mission to find love – trying to emulate some of his brother's Moon charm.

His naïve and trusting nature brought him little happiness but protective Alfie always had his back. Desperate to make it on his own, Spencer tried some wheeler dealing, but ended up out of his depth and in trouble with local mob boss, Jack Dalton. Alfie took the blame (and a serious beating) to protect Spencer from Jack's men.

After an ill-conceived heist, dreamed up by his dodgy cousin Danny, Spencer spent a night in jail and Alfie decided it was time for Spencer to get as far away from the temptations of Walford as possible – living with his cousin Maxwell in Oz.

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