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Slater Family

The current members of the Slater family are Kat Moon, her husband Alfie Moon and child Tommy Moon, Stacey Branning and her daughter Lily Branning.

The Slater Family

  • Jimmy Harris - sister Pat Evans
  • Big Mo Harris (née Mo Porter)
  •  Viv Slater (née Harris)
  • Charlie Slater 
  • Harry Slater
  • Lynne Hobbs (née Slater)
  • Berlinda Peacock (née Slater)
  • Kat Moon (née Slater)
  • Little Mo Mitchell (née Morgan, previously Slater)
  • Zoe Slater
  • Brian Slater
  • Jean Slater
  • Sean Slater
  • Stacey Branning (née Slater)
  • Gary Hobbs
  • Neville Peacock
  • Alfie Moon
  • Tommy Moon
  • Trevor Morgan
  • Billy Mitchell
  • Freddy Slater

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