Portrayed by Tony Adigun
First Appearance 7 September 2010
Last Appearance 7 October 2010
Occupation Street Dancer
Skolla is a character in E20 Series 2. He appears in the first episode, when Asher Levi and Sol Levi are auditioning to join a Dance Crew. Asher makes it in but Sol doesn't. At the end of the first episode Asher bribes Skolla into allowing Sol into the Dance Crew.

In episode 7, Asher is late for rehearsals and Skolla asks him to leave.Later when a fight breaks out between Asher and Sol he tells them he doesn't want either of them to be in his crew and also reveals that the only reason Sol is there is because Asher bribed him.

In the last episode of Series 2 Skolla is seen dancing with the rest of his Dance Crew.

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