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A number of Episode scripts have been make available to read for research purposes, please click below on your selected script.


Reset Episode Numbers according to scripts:
# Date Aired Writer Note
872 16 September 1999 Marc Peirson Script
962 3 March 2006 Richard Davidson Script
986 14 April 2006 James Payne Script
1164 13 February 2007 Julie Wassmer Valentine's Day Script
1369 31 January 2008 Tony Jordan Dot's monologue Script

Post Reset Episode Numbers according to scripts:
# Date on script Writer Note
5015 16 February 2015 Matt Evans Live week - broadcast 17 February due to football Script
5016 17 February 2015 Lauren Klee Live week - broadcast 18 February due to football Script
5017-18 19 February 2015 Rob Gittins Live week - "Look Back in Anger" Script
5019 19 February 2015 Jesse O'Mahoney Live week - Flashback Script
5020 20 February 2015 James Payne Live week - live episode Script
5164/5165 30 October 2015 Leo Richardson Halloween - Double episode Script


# Date on script Writer Note
Series 2 Episode 1 8 September 2010 Emer Kenny Script


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