Scott Maslen was born 25th June, 1971 in London. He is an English actor who plays Jack Branning in EastEnders and D.S. Phil Hunter in The Bill.

He is supports West Ham United Football Club.He's been a vegitarian since the age of 18. He has a 2 year old son, James, and a 2 month old daughter, Alisha. He has been best friends with his co-star Samantha Womak since they were teenagers. He is married to Jessica Cross, they got married on 12 November and invited some of his co-star's including Samantha Womack, Rita Simons, Charlie Clements, Jo Joyner, Steve McFadden, Barbara Windsor, Patsy Palmer and Perry Fenwick. He is God-Father to Samantha Womak's children and she is God Mother to his chidren. Scott Maslen was born in Woolwhich, South London.

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