Episode (Special)
Ricky & Bianca (2002)'
BBC transmission date 13 & 20 May 2002
Executive Producer Mal Young
John Yorke
Director Paul Annett
Writer Simon Ashdown
Credits See List
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Ricky & Bianca was a two part special that aired on 13 & 20 May 2002.


This two-part episode aired on 13 and 20 May 2002 and was a lead-up to Ricky Butcher's return later that year as a regular character. It was written by Simon Ashdown. The episode saw Ricky reunite with his ex-wife Bianca Jackson and son Liam in Manchester. Bianca had been in Manchester doing an arts degree for the past two and a half years and was struggling to look after Liam.

Ricky discovered she had been working in a nightclub and had stolen money from the manager Vince. Ricky ended up getting caught in the middle of all of this along with his new girlfriend Cassie. After he got Bianca out of trouble, they had a one-night stand during which Bianca conceived their daughter Tiffany. Ricky told Cassie he didn't really love her, he was still in love with Bianca. Cassie managed to manipulate Bianca into thinking that she and Ricky would never be happy together, and Bianca made the difficult decision to leave Liam with Ricky, feeling that he'd be a better parent than she would, and left in a taxi.


Main cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Bianca Butcher Patsy Palmer
Ricky Butcher Sid Owen
Cassie Sally Ann Triplett
Vince Craig Charles
Liam Butcher Mitchell Vaughn/ Gavin Vaughn
Gail Nicola Murphy
Gerry Robert Shaw Cameron

Guest cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Moira Joanne Gerrard
David Steven Finch
Mrs. Burrows Meryl Hampton
Debbie Lisa Rigby
Dean Dean Andrews
Sophie Kate Ford
Brian Damian Christian
Neighbour Fred Deakin
Harry Uncredited


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