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There has been many characters that have been recasted and the reasons for re-casting vary

  • Speed up the ageing process.
  • The producers feel that actor/actress would no longer do the part justice.
  • The actor/actress breaches their contract.


Bobby Beale

Bobby Beale Recasts

Bobby Beale (Left to Right)- Kevin Curran, Alex Francis, Rory Stroud & Eliot Carrington.

Lucy Beale

Lucy Beale Recasts

Lucy Beale (Left to Right)-Eva Brittin-Snell, Casey Anne Rothery, Melissa Suffield & Hetti Bywater.

Peter Beale

Peter Beale Recasts

Peter Beale (Left to Right)-Francis Brittin-Snell, Alex Stevens, Joseph Shade, James Martin, Thomas Law & Ben Hardy.

Steven Beale

Steven Beale Recasts

Steven Beale (Left to Right)-Edward Farrell, Stuart Stevens, Edward Savage & Aaron Sidwell.


Derek Branning

Derek Branning Recasts

Derek Branning (Left to Right)-Jamie Foreman & Terence Beesley.

Lauren Branning

Lauren Branning Recasts

Lauren Branning (Left to Right)-Madeline Duggan & Jacqueline Jossa.

Lily Branning

Lilly Branning Recasts

Lily Branning (Left to Right)-Alfie Duncan, Poppy Crake, Kennady Lacy-Breckenridge & Aine Garvey.

Oscar Branning

Oscar Branning Recasts

Oscar Branning (Left to Right)-Gabriel Miller-Williams & Charlee/Neo Hall.

Suzy Branning

Suzy Branning Recasts

Suzy Branning (Left to Right)-Julie Christian-Young & Maggie O'Neill.


Clare Butcher

Clare Butcher Recasts

ClareButcher (Left to Right)-Lucy Foxell & Caroline O'Neill.

Janine Butcher

Janine Butcher Recasts

Janine Butcher (Left to Right)-Rebecca Michael, Alexia Demetriou & Charlie Brooks.

Liam Butcher

Liam Butcher Recasts

LiamButcher (Left to Right)-Sonny Bottomley, Jack & Tom Godolphin, Gavin/Mitchell Vaughan, Nathaniel Gleed & James Forde.


Johnny Carter

Johnny Carter Recasts

Johnny Carter (Left to Right)- Sam Strike & Ted Reilly.

Ollie Carter

Ollie Carter Recasts

Johnny Carter (Left to Right)- Jack Tilley & Charlie.


Mark Fowler

Mark Fowler Recasts

MarkFowler (Left to Right)-David Scarboro & Todd Carty .

Michelle Fowler

Michelle Fowler Recasts

Martin Fowler (Left to Right)- Susan Tully & Jenna Russell.

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler Recasts

Martin Fowler (Left to Right)-Jon Peyton-Price, James Alexandrou & James Bye.

Rebecca Fowler

Rebecca Fowler Recasts

Rebecca Fowler (Left to Right)-Alex/Vicky Gonzalez, Jade Sharif & Jasmine Armfield.

Vicki Fowler

Vicki Fowler Recasts

VickiFowler (Left to Right)-Emma Herry,Samantha Leigh Martin & Scarlett Johnson.


Amy Mitchell

Amy Mitchell Recasts

Amy Mitchell (Left to Right)-Kamil/Natalia Lipka-Kozanka, Amelie Conway & Abbie Knowles.

Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell Recasts

Ben Mitchell (Left to Right)-Matthew Silver, Morgan Whittle, Charlie Jones, Joshua Pascoe & Harry Reid.

Courtney Mitchell

Courtney Mitchell Recasts

Courtney Mitchell (Left to Right)-Carissa/Josephine O'Meara, Megan Jossa & Alice Nokes.

Louise Mitchell

Louise Mitchell Recast

Louise Mitchell (Left to Right)-Rachel Cox, Danni Bennatar, Brittany Papple & Tilly Keeper.

Peggy Mitchell

Peggy Mitchell Recasts

Peggy Mitchell (Left to Right)-Jo Warne & Barbara Windsor.

Ricky Mitchell

Richard Mitchell Recasts

Ricky Mitchell (Left to Right)-Uncredited (2010) & Henri Charles (2016).

Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell Recasts

Sam Mitchell (Left to Right)-Danniella Westbrook,Kim Medcalf & back to Danniella Westbrook.

Will Mitchell

William Mitchell Recasts

Will Mitchell (Left to Right)-Toby Warpole & Freddie Phillips.


Donna Andrews

Donna Andrews Recasts

Donna Andrews (Left to Right)- Alison Senior & Paula Jennings.

Ashley Cotton

Ashley Cotton Recasts

Ashley Cotton (Left to Right)- Ryan Devonshire & Frankie Fitzgerald.

Edwina Dunn

Edwina Dunn Recasts

Edwina Dunn (Left to Right)-Patricia Maynard & Gay Hamilton (2005).

Billie Jackson

Billy Jackson Recasts

Billie Jackson (Left to Right)-Devon Anderson, Bluey Robinson & back to Devon Anderson.

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson Recasts

Jordan Johnson (Left to Right)-Michael-Joel David & Joivan Wade.

Ashraf Karim

Ashraf Karim Recasts

Ashraf Karim (Left to Right)-Tony Wredden & Aftab Sachak.

Shabnam Masood

Shabnam Masood Recasts

Shabnam Masood (Left to Right)-Zahra Ahmadi & Rakhee Thakrar.

Tommy Moon

Tommy Moon Recasts

Shabnam Masood (Left to Right)-Ralfie/Shane White & Shay Crotty.

Zoe Newton

Zoe Newton Recasts

Zoe Newton (Left to Right)-Elizabeth Chadwick &Tara Ellis.

Grace Olubunmi

Grace Olubunmi Recasts

Grace Olubunmi (Left to Right)-Jay Byrd & Ellen Thomas.

Belinda Peacock

Belinda Peacock Recast

Belinda Peacock (Left to Right)-Leanne Lakey & Carli Norris.

Hannah Reynolds

Hannah Reynolds Recasts

Hannah Reynolds (Left to Right)- Eloise Barnes & Mia Jenkins.

Dennis Rickman Jnr

Dennis Rickman Jnr Recasts

Dennis Rickman Jnr (Left to Right)-Harry Hickles & Bleu Landau.

Ineta Shirovs

Ineta Shirovs Recasts

Ineta Shirovs (Left to Right)-Octavia Alexandru & Gledisa Osmani.

Lydia Simmonds

Lydia Simmonds Recasts

Lydia Simmonds (Left to Right)-Margaret Tyzack & Heather Chasen.

Annie Smith

Annie Smith Recasts

Summer Swann (Left to Right)-Zara Posener/Jenna Alembick and Samantha Crown.

Summer Swann

Summer Swann Recasts

Summer Swann (Left to Right)-Daisy Fitter, Abbie Hackworth, Harry Swash, Isabella Hegarty/Rebecca Hegarty.

Hattie Tavernier

Hattie Tavernier Recasts

Hattie Tavernier (Left to Right)-Michelle Gayle & Uncredited

Cindy Williams Jnr

Cindy Williams Jnr Recasts

Cindy Williams Jnr (Left to Right)-Ella Wortley, Cydney Parker, Eva Sayer & Mimi Keene.

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