Poppy Merritt
Poppy Merritt
Portrayed by Amy Darcy
Introduced by Diederick Santer
Gender Female Female
First Appearance 22 September 2008
Last Appearance 30 April 2009
Duration 2008–09
Status Alive
Occupation Trainee Pathologist
Classification Former; recurring
Dr. Poppy Merritt made her first appearance on 22 September 2008. She is portrayed by Amy Darcy.


Poppy is first seen diagnosing Morgan Jackson-King with chicken pox, and she assumes Morgan's mother Bianca Jackson is married to Tony King, which puts the idea of marriage in Bianca's head. She sees Dot Branning when she has food poisoning, and connects it to unchilled food sold by Patrick Trueman at his shop, the Minute Mart. She says it is her duty to report Patrick and his wife Yolande Trueman to environmental health. Whilst cycling past Pat Evans's house, she sees Bianca shouting at her adopted daughter Whitney Dean for being miserable. Poppy tries to talk to Whitney, who admits to feeling suicidal so Poppy tells Bianca that Whitney should see to a psychiatrist. Bianca disagrees initially but after realising Whitney needs professional help, she agrees and Poppy refers Whitney to a psychiatrist. The next day, Poppy leaves Bianca a message asking her to rearrange the psychiatrist's appointment after Whitney fails to attend.

Poppy receivs an emergency call-out to check on pregnant Roxy Slater after she has a fall at Walford East tube station. Later, Poppy tells Roxy that she and her baby are fine. Later, a removal van is seen outside the surgery with a man removing the placard with Poppy's name on it. Poppy helps Heather Trott after she has an asthma attack, and notices her breasts are sore so advises that Heather go to a clinic, which she does and finds out she's pregnant. Poppy leaves Walford to retrain as a pathologist.

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