Episode (Special)
Frank Butcher and Ray Taylor and Lucy (Perfectly Frank, (2003)'
BBC transmission date 21 September 2003
Director Clive Arnold
Writer Tony Jordan
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Perfectly Frank was a special that aired on 21 September 2003.


This special episode followed Frank Butcher as he set up a seedy nightclub and a car valeting service in Somerset after returning from Spain where he was last seen in 2002. When Frank is sent a car to valet by the local gangster named Reg Priest, his assistant finds a dead body in the boot. Frank and his club staff try to find a way to avoid the police asking questions and fall foul of Reg so they throw the body into the water over the side of the pier.


Main cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Frank Butcher Mike Reid
Ray Taylor Tony Osoba
Lucy Caroline Hayes
Kevin Marc Ryan-Jordan
DS Paul Kemmit Gary Whelan
DC Wayne Atkins Sacha Dhawan
Douglas Payne Steven Elder
Alice Jaye Jacobs
Teri Phillips Lisa Coleman
Dan Morris Mark Hyde
Steve Jackson Jonathan Linsley

Guest cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Reg Priest Gilbert Martin