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Episode (Special)
EastEnders Pat and Mo (2004)
BBC transmission date 1 April 2004
Created By Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Executive Producer Sally Stokes
Director Michael Owen Morris
Writer Susan Boyd
Credits See List
Previous episode 1 April 2004
Next episode 2 April 2004
Pat and Mo was a one off special that aired on 1 April 2004.


This special episode revealed what caused the feud between Pat Evans and Mo Harris that lasted until Pat's death. Pat and Mo meet at the grave of Pat's brother and Mo's husband, Jimmy Harris, and reminisce about old times through a series of flashbacks. Mo's brother, Stan Porter also appeared in the episode.


Main cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Pat Evans Pam St. Clement
Mo Harris Laila Morse
Charlie Slater Derek Martin
Stan Porter Sam Kelly
Young Pat Emma Cooke
Young Mo Lorraine Stanley
Young Stan Callum Dixon
Jimmy Harris Alex King
Tony Cattani Vas Constanti
Young Viv Natasya Rush
Mr. Hagan David Durham
Dermot Howard Goorney

Guest cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Waiter Geoffrey Towers
Chief Cowboy Dick Ward
Man at Bar Paul Gyngell


Watch Episode

Eastenders Pat and Mo Special59:37

Eastenders Pat and Mo Special

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