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Oscar Branning 2
Oscar Branning
Portrayed by Gabriel Miller-Williams (2007–08)
Charlee and Neo Hall (2008–15)
First Appearance 14 December 2007
Address 5 Albert Square
Occupation Student
Father Max Branning
Mother Tanya Cross
Sisters Lauren Branning
Abi Branning
Half-Brothers Bradley Branning
Grandfathers Jim Branning
William Cross
Grandmothers Reenie Branning
Cora Cross
Dot Branning (step)
Uncles Derek Branning
Jack Branning
Aunts Suzy Branning
Carol Jackson
April Branning
Ava Hartman
Rainie Cross
First cousins Joey Branning
Alice Branning
Bianca Butcher
Robbie Jackson
Sonia Fowler
Billie Jackson
Penny Branning
Amy Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
James Branning
Dexter Hartman
Other relatives Natasha Butcher
Liam Butcher
Tiffany Butcher
Morgan Butcher
Whitney Dean (adoptive)
Rebecca Fowler

Oscar Branning is the son of Max Branning and Tanya Branning and is the brother of Lauren Branning and Abi Branning and Bradley Branning(Bradley is deceased).

He is currently residing with his mother, Tanya, his Father Max, Lauren and Abi. Although Max is the biological father, Greg is acting like a father to the toddler. Currently played by twins Charlee and Neo Hall.


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