Mrs Medeemey
Easties mrs medeemey
Mrs Medeemey, as seen in Civvy Street, set in 1942.
Portrayed by Uncredited (1988)
Linda Robson (CivvyStreet)
First Appearance 26th July 1988
Last Appearance 26th July 1988
HusbandMr Medeemey
SonsTerrence Medeemey
DaughtersLou Beale
Doris Medeemey
Queenie Medeemey
Liz Medeemey
Elsie Medeemey
Flo Medeemey
GrandsonsHarry Beale, Ronnie Beale, Kenny Beale, Pete Beale
GranddaughtersMaggie Flaherty, Dora Beale, Pauline Fowler
Mrs Medeemey (first name never revealed in EastEnders or Civvy Street) was and unseen character in EastEnders and the mother of Lou Beale and her many siblings. She was seen though in the EastEnders prequel set during WWII. Mrs Medeemey was played by Avis Bunnage.



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