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Robert Lister
Mr Lister
Portrayed by Nick Wilton
Introduced by Diedrick Santer (2008)
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 3rd January 2008
Last Appearance 7th June 2013
Duration 2008-13
Status Alive
Occupation Market Inspector
Classification Former; recurring
WifeMrs Lister (??-2013)

Robert 'Bob' Lister was the Market Inspector for Walford's Bridge Street market for over five years. He appeared on a recurring basis for over five years, and was played by Nick Wilton.


Mr Lister revealed to Kat Moon that his wife lost interest in him, however, little is known about their relationship.


In his first on-screen-appearance, Mr Lister - the new Market inspector - fires his assistant Bradley Branning. Soon after, he approves Tamwar's pitch idea and appeared on a recurring basis from then on.

In 2014, it is revealed Mr Lister was fired by Walford Council and was being replaced by Aleks Shirovs.

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