{{ |image = Unseen Character No Image Available |Spouse = Lydia Harris |Daughters =, Joan Harris
Pat Evans |Sons = Geoffrey Harris
Jimmy Harris |Grandsons = David Wicks, Simon "Wicksy" Wicks

Great grandchildren Bianca Butcher, Joe Wicks, Karen Wicks, Steven Beale }} Mr Harris (first name never revealed in the show) was and unseen character in EastEnders and was the father of Pat Evans and her 3 siblings.


Mr Harris wed Lydia Harris in 1937 and they had 4 children born inbetween 1937 and 1942, Geoffrey Harris, Joan Harris, Jimmy Harris and Pat Harris (later Beale/Wicks/Butcher/Evans). The family lived in Dagenham for a while in the 1950s as Mr Harris had a job there.

By 1986, when Pat returned to Walford, Mr Harris had passed away.

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