Moose 2
Portrayed by Sam Gittins
Introduced by Sean O'Connor
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 14 October 2016
Last Appearance 24 November 2017
Cause/Reason Humiliated by Whitney Carter
Status Alive
Occupation Solider
Classification Presentu; recurring

Wayne 'Moose' Parker is an old Army friend of Lee. He made his First Appearance on 14th of October 2016 and has then made frequent returns. Moose is played by Sam Gittins


Moose turns up to Lee's stag unaware it is cancelled due to Lee wanting to make sure Whitney is alright after she miscarried earlier that week. Moose greets Lee and sprays a fire extinguisher at him however accidentally squirts Whitney. Upstairs Moose apologies to Whitney and flirts with her.

He then returned for Lee's second stag alongside Beanbag. On Lee's wedding day both him and Beanbag cover Lee in syrup and f eathers. 

In 2017 after Lee leaves Whitney Moose made a few visits to inform Whitney on how Lee was doing. Seeing how upset Whitney still is he gives her his phone Number and tells her that he'll be there for her. In November 2017, he returns to Walford for a short time and flirts with Whitney Carter, leading to a bar fight between Woody Woodward, Whitney's fiance, and him. Whitney then begins to have doubts about Woody, however the next morning she lectures Moose in the bar, accusing him of "preying on me at a low point". He leaves.


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