Moon Family Portrait
Since 2002 the Moon family have been major characters in EastEnders. Here is a Moon family tree.

Family Tree

Alfred Moon born c1880 married Unknown Woman c1905

Parents of:- William Moon born c1920, John Moon, Henry Moon and Unknown Moon born c1905(*)

John Moon married Unknown Woman c1940

Parents of:- Bobby Moon born c1945

Bobby Moon married Alison Moon (Unknown maiden name) c1970

Parents of:- Jake Moon born 1973 and Danny Moon born 1979

William Moon married Victoria Montgomery in 1943

Parents of:- Alfred Moon born 1944

Alfred Moon married Cherry Moon in 1963

Parents of:- Alfie Moon born 1964 and Spencer Moon born 1983

Unknown Moon (*) married Unknown Woman c1925

Parents of:- Unknown Moon born c1926

Unknown Moon born c1926 married Unknown Woman c1947

Parents of:- Eddie Moon born 1948

Eddie Moon married Maggie Moon (Unknown maiden name) c1970

Parents of:- Michael Moon born 1972 and Craig Moon born 1978

Eddie Moon married Coleen Moon (Unknown maiden name) c1985

Parents of:- Frankie Moon, Anthony Moon born c1989 and Tyler Moon born c1991

Michael Moon had relationship with Kat Moon (nee Slater) in 2010

Moon Family Tree

Parents of:- Tommy Moon born 2010

Alfie Moon and Kat Moon in 2014

Parents of:- Bert Moon and Ernie Moon

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