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Michael moon
Michael Moon
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Michael Moon (played by Steve John Shepherd)                                                        

Duration 2010 - 2013

is a regular character in EastEnders. He is currently married to Janine, though they are currently separated. He is father of Tommy Moon and Scarlett Moon . Michael Moon is a cheeky chap with a silver tongue, who loves female attention – much like his older cousin, Alfie. However, Michael has a slightly more manipulative streak and has a competitive nature, which means he doesn't think twice about screwing people over – even those he loves. He is believed to leave EastEnders in late 2013 in 'in a nailbiting plot twist which bosses are keeping under wraps.' according to The Mirror.

Back Story

Michael Moon is the eldest son of Eddie moon and Maggie Moon who took an overdose which michael witnesses and this event event caused a rift between a farther and son for the next the years first appeared on the square in September 2010.

He is stabbed and killed  by janine butcher in November 2013 during a bitter custody battle for his daughter scarlett

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