Masala Masood
Masala Masood Stall (2015)
Masala Masood Stall (2015)
Address Bridge Street
Owned by Masood Ahmed
Used for Pakistan Takeaway
Occupied by Masood Ahmed
Masala Masood (formerly The Argee Bhajee To Go) is a market stall rented by Masood Ahmed which sells authentic Pakistani food, the stall is located on Bridge Street Market outside Bridge Street Cafe.

Masala Masood became part of Masala Queen a joint venture between Zainab Masood and Ian Beale. The stall later changed it name to "The Argee Bhajee To Go" to link in with the Masood's restaurant. The stall was then later disbanded after the failure of The Argee Bhajee.

In an episode dated 29 May 2015 Masood announces that he will be re-opening Masala Masood. In an episode dated 8 June 2015 Masood gave Tamwar all the necessary paperwork for a pitch on the market. In an episode dated 11 June 2015 Masala Masood reopened on Bridge Street Market .





Masala Masood

The Argee Bhajee To Go



Behind the scenes at Masala Masood


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