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Marsden's Video Diaries: Who Killed Archie Mitchell?

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Video Diary 1:

Marsden reveals who she'd like to have wrapped up in Walford nick by New Year...


Video Diary 2:

Marsden discovers a killer clue... but who does it belong to?


Video Diary 3:

Marsden has a catfighting Sam and Peggy in the interrogation room. But it's another Mitchell that she wants.

No Video Available

Video Diary 4: 

Marsden's had a tip off on who Archie's killer might be.


Video Diary 5:

"Answer the question, Beale!" Has Marsden caught Archie's murderer?


Video Diary 6: 

Marsden's at Archie's funeral - where she reckons somebody's going to crack.


Video Diary 7: 

The pressure's on. If Marsden doesn't get someone banged up behind bars soon, she's off the case...


Video Diary 8:

A stellar piece of evidence has come to light. And Marsden reckons it's game over for Archie's killer.


Video Diary 9: Case Closed

Don't tell us you didn't see the chemistry between these pair. Marsden thinks about the one that got away...


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