Not to be confused with Mark Fowler, the 1985 EastEnders character.

Mark Fowler (II)
Mark Fowler Jnr
Portrayed by Ned Porteous
Introduced by Sean O'Connor
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 11th August 2016
Last Appearance 9th September 2016
Address Florida
Age 21
Date of Birth 23rd May 1996
Classification Former; recurring
FatherGrant Mitchell
MotherMichelle Fowler
Half-SistersVicki Fowler
Courtney Mitchell
GrandfathersEric Mitchell
Arthur Fowler
GrandmothersPeggy Mitchell
Pauline Fowler
Great-grandfathersJack Martin
Phillip Mitchell
Albert Beale
Great-grandmothersLilian Martin
Sandra Mitchell
Lou Beale
UnclesPhil Mitchell
Mark Fowler
Martin Fowler
AuntsSam Mitchell
Great-unclesArchie Mitchell
Clive Mitchell
Pete Beale
Ronnie Beale
Harry Beale
Kenny Beale
Great-auntsSal Martin
Maggie Flaherty
First cousinsRebecca Fowler
Ben Mitchell
Louise Mitchell
Richard Mitchell
Other relativesLexi Pearce
Lola Pearce
Ronnie Mitchell
Roxy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell
Danielle Jones
Matthew Mitchell-Cotton
James Branning
Amy Mitchell
Harry Mitchell
Charlie Mitchell
William Mitchell
Janet Mitchell
Dan Pearce
Mark Fowler is the son of Michelle Fowler and Grant Mitchell, and half brother to Vicki Fowler and Courtney Mitchell. He was born in 23 May 1996.


Phil Mitchell contacts Mark after finding a letter in Sharon Mitchell's bag from Michelle addressed to Peggy Mitchell about Mark. Mark arrives at Martin Fowler's flat.