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Lydia Harris was an unseen character in EastEnders. She was the mother of Pat Evans and her siblings.



Lydia Harris and her husband lived in Walford and had 4 children inbetween about 1937 and 1942. Those children being  Geoffrey Harris, Joan Harris, Jimmy Harris and Pat. When Pat was very young, Lydia sent her elder daughter Joan to a nursing home in Sussex as she had Downs Syndrome. She said to Pat that Joan had died. In later life when her children left home, Lydia died aged 61 of cancer in the late 1970s.

Memorable info

In November 2000, Pat said she was now 57 years old and her mum died aged 61. Lydia's death year is unknown but she had died by 1986. It is assumed she had died in the late 1970s as she was still alive when Pat wed Pete in 1961.


Siblings Mabel

Spouse Mr Harris (1937-??)

Children Geoffrey Harris, Joan Harris, Jimmy Harris, Pat Evans (nee Harris, later Beale, Wicks and Butcher)

Grandchildren David Wicks, Simon "Wicksy" Wicks

Great grandchildren Bianca Butcher, Joe Wicks, Karen Wicks, Steven Beale

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