Albert Square

NewQueen Vic 2014

The Queen Victoria

Bridge Street

Minute Mart

Minute Mart

Bridge Street Cafe


Launderette 2014

Laundrette (no longer trading)

Bridge Street Market

The Market

George Street


Brewery Apartments

  • Unknown Owner


Tattoo Parlour

  • Unknown Owner


Ned's Computer Repairs Shop

  • Unknown Owner

Hungry Hank 2015

Hungry Hank

  • Unknown Owner

Walford East Station

Walford East Tube Station

  • Transport For London

Hurst Lane

No Image Available

E20 Building & Property Renovation

Kingsley Road

St Joseph's Church

St Joseph's Church

Turpin Road

Blades door

Elysium (no longer trading)

Elysium (1 August 2016)





File:In For A Penny 2013.jpg

In For A Penny

  • Unknown Owner

The Albert

The Albert


Turpin Road Pharmacy


Turf Accountants

  • Unknown Owner

Beales plaice

Beale's Plaice (Now For Sale)

Hillner And Barrell Estate Agents - Owner

On the Spot Cash

On The Spot Cash

  • Unknown Owner
Coker & Sons Funeral Directors

Coker & Mitchell Funeral Directors

Polish Delicatessen

  • Unknown Owner (?%)


Ronnie's Boxing Club & Gym

Turpin Way

Easties community centre

Walford Community Centre

Playground 3


Easties arches

Mitchell's Autos

Victoria Road

File:Cafe, Victoria Roadjpg

File:Mansells Recruitment, Victoria Roadjpg
Dexter roger's & associates (2014)

Dexter roger's & associates - Victoria Road


This Café appears in EastEnders occasion when the characters want to talk to someone away from the Albert Square.

Mansells Recruitment

This is a Recruitment agency.

Dexter roger's & associates

This is a Solicitors.

Victoria Square

Walford Police Station Front

Redesigned Police Station in August 2014.

Walford Police Station

Unknown Location

Cherry Brooke Care Home

Cherry Brook Care Home

HM Prison Chilwell

HM Prison Chilwell

Walford Advice Bureau

Walford Advice Bureau

Walford Advice Bureau

Allotments 2014-1

Walford Allotments

Walford Allotments

Walford the London Borough Logo

Walford Council

Walford Council

Walford General Hospital outside

Walford General Hospital exterior.

Walford General Hospital

Magistrates' Court Walford

Walford Magistrates' Court.

Walford Magistrates' Court

Walford Crown Court

Walford Crown Court

Walford Crown Court

Walford Waterboard

Walford Waterboard logo

Walford Waterboard

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