Jean Harris
Unseen Character No Image Available
Gender Female Female
FatherJimmy Harris
MotherMo Harris
BrothersBilly Harris
Half-SistersViv Slater
GrandmothersLydia Harris
UnclesGeoff Harris
Stan Porter
AuntsPat Butcher
Joan Harris
NiecesLynne Hobbs
Kat Slater
Little Mo Mitchell
Belinda Peacock
First cousinsDavid Wicks
Simon Wicks
Other relativesZoe Slater
Freddie Mitchell
Tommy Moon
Bert Moon
Ernie Moon
Viv Hobbs
Bianca Jackson
Joe Wicks
Karen Wicks
Steven Beale
Hilda Porter
Jean Harris, Is the daughter of Mo Harris and Jimmy Harris. She is the sister of Billy and the half-sister of Viv. She is the niece of Pat Butcher, the cousin of David Wicks and Simon Wicks. The aunt of Lynn, Kat, Belinda and Little Mo. The first-cousin-once-removed of Bianca Jackson, Joe Wicks, Karen Wicks and Steven Beale. She is also the niece of Stan Porter.

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