A indent is a clip identifying which channel you are watching. To date there has only been 1 Ident for EastEnders featured, with two further edits made to shorten the length.

EastEnders BBC One Indent


In 2010 EastEnders celebrated its 25th Anniversary, during the anniversary week an ident was played before EastEnders aired.

BBC One - EastEnders Ident (Full Length)00:39

BBC One - EastEnders Ident (Full Length)

Also during that week another shorter version was aired, to most like help with scheduling.

BBC One - EastEnders Ident (Shorten Length)00:21

BBC One - EastEnders Ident (Shorten Length)


In September 2015 the ident was reintroduced with it becoming even shorter with character close ups cut, due to certain actors not being in the show anymore and it may seem outdated.

BBC One - EastEnders Ident (Shorter Length)00:20

BBC One - EastEnders Ident (Shorter Length)

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