Gillian Wright, (born Gillian Hambidge; 5 May 1960) is an English actress who is best known for portraying the role of Jean Slater in EastEnders. She is a graduate in Drama, English and Dance and was a teacher and theatre director before occupying acting roles. She was originally only signed for one episode on EastEnders in December 2004, but bosses brought her back into the show a year later for four more episodes. She then guest starred on and off until her character finally moved into Albert Square in November 2007. In 2006 she collected a Mental Health Media award for her portrayal of Jean Slater, a bipolar disorder sufferer. Her departure from the show was announced in 2010, along with her on-screen daughter Stacey Slater, played by Lacey Turner but it was later confirmed that she will be returning in Spring 2011.

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