Portrayed by Unknown
Address 27 Albert Square (previously)
Gender Male Male
Last Appearance 2008
Cause/Reason 2004
Duration 2004–08
Status Alive
Breed Irish Wolfhound
Owners Keith Miller
Family Miller Family


Genghis is an Irish Wolfhound owned by Keith and Rosie Miller. Prior to his arrival, Nicola Methven from the Daily Mirror billed Genghis as a "comedy dog" with his own set of storylines.

Jim Shelley of the Daily Mirror branded Ghenghis a "scraggy old dog". Nancy Banks-Smith of The Guardian described the canine as a "shaggy dog". Louisa Lytton who played Ruby Allen has admitted she never dared to go near the dog on set.

In 2008, Genghis leaves Albert Square alongside Keith and Mickey Miller. Vicky Prior of the Metro has branded Genghis "Walford’s biggest and dosiest character" and "as strangely loveable as the rest of his family"


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