Episode 930
Easties 28 dec 1993'
BBC transmission date 28 December 1993
Duration 30 minutes
Created By Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Margy Kinmonth
Writer Tony Jordan
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 929 (25th December 1993)
Next episode Episode 931 (30th December 1993)


Phil Mitchell is regretting having drunkenly slept with his "marriage of convenience" wife Nadia Mitchell and he worries that Nadia will tell his girlfriend Kathy Beale. Aidan Brosnan and Mandy Salter have slept the night in the boiler room on the top of the tower block. Aidan is becoming increasingly depressed. Mandy gets annoyed and says she is always out and about trying to find food and lodgings for them while he sits there feeling sorry for himself. She goes out again and Aidan starts crying, he is missing his family in Ireland. Mandy gets them booked into a local hotel but Aidan says he is going home. Mandy thinks it is to their old squat back in Albert Square in Walford but Aidan says his real home in Ireland. Mandy says they cant as his mum cannot stand her. Aidan says he is going home by himself. He says he cannot go on like this anymore, living like an animal. Aidan was planning to go without telling Mandy. She slaps him and he says that is why he was not going to tell her as he knew how she would react. As Aidan walks down the flight of stairs to head to the ferry port, Mandy says "But I love you". He carries on walking away. That night, Mandy heads back to Albert Square. She is seen by Pauline Fowler crying in the rain so Pauline takes her in. Mandy says Aidan has gone. Mandy sits in the front room sobbing while looking at a photo of her and Aidan, the only memory she has left of him.


Main cast

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