Episode 929
Easties 25 dec 1993'
BBC transmission date 25 December 1993
Viewers 23.04 million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Ian White
Writer Tony McHale
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Previous episode Episode 928 (23rd December 1993)
Next episode Episode 930 (28th December 1993)


It is Christmas in Walford. Aidan Brosnan is missing and Mandy Salter is frantically looking for him. She then has an idea where he may be, at a hideaway in the boiler room on the top of the tower block she once lived in. Aidan is sat in the bioler room of the towerblock and accidentally pricks his hand with a used syringe. That night, Mandy sees him on top of the towerblock and she rushes up and talks him out of jumping off. Nadia Mitchell is desperate to woo her legal husband Phil Mitchell to besmirch his relationship with Kathy Beale. She gets him drunk then sleeps with him. At the Christmas bash at No 41 Albert Square, Frank Butcher says he is in financial straits and Phil says that he had a friend who fired his business and the insurance paid out. Aidan and Mandy embrace once she has stopped him jumping off the roof.


Main cast

Guest cast

  • Glenn Hanning as Boy