Episode 297
Easties 21 dec 1993'
BBC transmission date 21 December 1993
Viewers 19.43 million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Ian White
Writer Tony McHale
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Previous episode Episode 926 (16th December 1993)
Next episode Episode 928 (23rd December 1993)


Richard Cole is being given the cold shoulder by the traders for evicting Big Ron from his pitch. Richard says he would not have this strike if he had his way. Mark Fowler says he would just go off and have a sulk as he knows he cannot do anything. Also, Richard Cole gives Aidan Brosnan and Mandy Salter 2 days to leave the squat at No 5 Albert Square. Mandy finds a new place for them to squat, in the boiler room of a tower block on the estate Mady grew up in. The Beales, Mitchells, Fowlers and Butchers all get ready for Christmas.


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