Easties 25 nov 1993
Frank Butcher is determined to get even with the Hammond cab firm owners by sending 2 lads round to try and intimidate them. Frank says they bit off more than they can chew by trying to close him down. One of them is about 50 and the other is about 25. Clem returns from Amsterdam, Holland with Mark Fowler. He is angry that Michelle Fowler chucked his drugs away. She tells him to leave. He does. Grant Mitchell accuses Aidan Brosnan of being behind the robbery at The Queen Victoria. he tells Aidan if he ever robs from him again he will break every bone in his body. Aidan protests his innocence, as he actually is.


Prev Ep Episode 919 (23rd November 1993)

Next Ep Episode 921 (30th November 1993)

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