Easties 19 oct 1993
Janine Butcher still continues to be a brat. Ricky Butcher wants to be independent so says he will move out of his dad Frank Butcher and stepmum Pat Butcher's flat. He asks Aidan Brosnan if he can stay at their squat but Aidan says him and Mandy Salter like their privacy. Grant Mitchell offers Mandy £10 to take Roly for a walk. He tells her to meet him outside the B&B at 12:30. Mandy is late. Grant goes to the squat and tells Aidan he is looking for Mandy. Aidan tries to act tough but Grant says the dig Aidan gave him was softer than any kisses he ever had and he would not rent out this squat to rats. Mandy comes back without Roly and Mandy says Roly slipped his lead and ran into a car and was killed. Grant grabs Mandy by the throat in his usual style of assaulting a woman, calling her a stupid little cow and has to be restrained by Sharon. Sharon blames Grant for Roly's accident.


Prev Ep Episode 908 (14th October 1993)

Next Ep Episode 910 (21st October 1993)

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