Episode 905
Easties 5 oct 1993'
BBC transmission date 5 October 1993
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Andrew Morgan
Writer Ashley Pharoah
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 904 (30th September 1993)
Next episode Episode 906 (7th October 1993)


There's a shock in store for Pauline Fowler when she overhears some gossip. The family secret regarding who is Vicki Fowler's father is out now Grant Mitchell knows after Sharon Mitchell told him, that Vicki's dad was the late Den Watts. Mandy Salter overhears Grant telling Nigel Bates and within a few hours, Ian Beale and even Kathy Beale knows the truth. Mandy says to Pauline that she knows who Vicki's dad is. Mandy says "Sharon's dad innit". Pauline is angry at Mandy and almost assaults her. Grant makes jibes at Michelle Fowler. for being only 16 when she slept with Den and got pregnant. Pauline sees the funny side and says it will give the locals something else to gossip about.  Debbie Tyler calls round to see Nigel Bates and promises to leave Liam Tyler for him. They end up sleeping together.