Episode 894
Easties 26 aug 1993'
BBC transmission date 26 August 1993
Viewers 16.14 million
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Garth Tucker
Writer Susan Boyd
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 893 (24th August 1993)
Next episode Episode 895 (31st August 1993)


Martin Fowler is in hospital. Pauline Fowler worries that this may be the norm when Mark Fowler gets ill. Arthur Fowler says they may find a cure for HIV by then. Phil Mitchell, Grant MitchellFrank Butcher and Pat Butcher plan a trip to France. It is a sad day in Albert Square as Dot Cotton gets ready to leave for pastures new in Kent to live with her son Nick Cotton, his girlfriend Zoe and grandson Ashley Cotton. A party is held for her in The Queen Victoria. Later on Nigel Bates asks her if she is making the right decision and she says yes.


Main cast

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