Episode 850
Easties grant arrested'
BBC transmission date 25th March 1993
Duration 30 minutes
Created By Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Executive Producer Leonard Lewis
Director Leonard Lewis
Writer Tony McHale
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 849 (23rd March 1993)
Next episode Episode 851 (30th March 1993)


Grant Mitchell's behaviour does not improve after hitting Sharon MitchellPhil Mitchell confronts him and threatens to kill him if he lays one finger on her. But Grant does attack Sharon after having an argument, so Michelle phones the police on him. They come and try to talk to Sharon, but Grant keeps butting in and then loses his temper by attacking a policeman and hitting Michelle, leaving her with a bleeding nose. The police then take Grant out of the Vic, but he assaults some of them. He is then hit with a baton by one of them and is taken to the police van, where he is restrained. Phil then arrives and is shocked to see that Grant has been arrested for assault. He then finds out that Grant has laid a finger on Sharon.


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