Episode 80
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 80Ian is victorious at the boxing match
BBC transmission date 21 November 1985
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Antonia Bird
Writer Rosemary Mason
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 79 (19 November 1985)
Next episode Episode 81 (26 November 1985)


It is Monday morning, the day before Ian's boxing match, as Pete is leaving for the stall Kathy warns him not to do anything stupid with regards to the Nick situation. Meanwhile at the Laundrette Dot confronts Tony accusing him of terrorising Nick before subjecting him to her own form of racial abuse. Debbie is in the kitchen of Number 43 cooking breakfast in her dressing gown when Ali bring the milk in and asks if she would like to have a small bet on the outcome of the boxing match. He is chased out by Andy and goes to the Laundrette to make a private call whilst Nick and Saeed queue up behind him. Meanwhile Debbie receives another obscene call who she believes is from Ali. When she tells Andy he stoms off to the cafe.. Before Debbie can follow him she is interrupted by Saeed who asks her about buying the shop, she says she cannot afford it and Saeed walks out. Debbie eventually catches up with Andy at the cafe before he can say anything and invites Sue and Ali for a meal next week. Meanwhile at the Queen Vic Den, Simon, Kathy are trying to catch Nick at his blackmailing racket by trying to get him to confess on tape. All does not go according to plan when Dot catches them in the act and Pete arrives in the Vic and attempts to assault Nick. The next morning they decide to give it one last go when Kathy meets Nick at the Walford allotments however the Nick is careful with his choice of words and the tape conversation remains ambiguous. At the Gym Ian, representing Walford East Boys Club, is making final preparations for the fight. Pete and Kathy are there to lend their support and so is Cassie Carpenter who appears to have a crush on Ian. Ali is also eagerly watching the fight as he has a book running on the outcome. As the fight commence both fighters dance around the ring before Ian starts to take a beating from Adam Steadman, his opponent from Walford West Boys Club before striking a knock out-blow and winning the match. After Pete credits the victory to Simon Ian walks home on his own and is set upon by Steadman. Once again, despite suffering a black eye, Ian gets the upper hand before informing Pete and Kathy later that night that he is done with boxing for good.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Peter Quince as Master of Ceremonies
  • Uncredited actor as Adam Steadman