Episode 78
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 78Andy 'proposes' to Debbie following a steamy shower
BBC transmission date 14 November 1985
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Chris Clough
Writer Tony McHale
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 77 (12 November 1985)
Next episode Episode 79 (19 November 1985)


After being blanked by Pete, Arthur goes to the Queen Vic to invite Simon to a meeting to discuss what to do about Nick. He also asks Simon to keep an eye out and stop Pete and Nick from bumping into each other. Simon says he cannot as he is working but tells Arthur that he could do it himself. Arthur then spends the rest of the day spying on Pete and to keep him out of Nick's way. After finding 10p stuck in the hoover at the Vic Lofty has a go on the fruit machine but loses. Simon has a go and wins a quid. Later that day Lofty loses again on the machine and Simon wins another quid. Mary leaves Annie with Sue for the day whilst she and Sheena go to their stripping job. Unsure what to tell Dot when she asks where Mary is she lets her believe that Mary is doing some sort of 'social work' which causes confusion when Dot sees lofty and says that she could imagine herself doing what Mary is doing and if someone had done the same for Nick he may not have turned out so bad. The next day Tony is sprucing up the top flat of Number 3 when Hannah arrives to talk to Tony. Whilst they are talking Kelvin shows Cassie the playground and they talk about their respective lives with thei Mum and Dad. park. Hannah then leaves Cassie with Tony for the day during which time he races with her round the Sqaure. Pete makes a meal for Kathy during which he apologises for last nights behaviour and they rekindle their love. Dot catches up with Arthur, she has been watching him closely yesterday and today and expresses her annoyance at the planned meeting to discuss Nick later that evening. Lofty asks Ali to put a £5 bet on the horses for Simon on a horse called 'Easy Rider' and £1 for himself on the same horse. Ali convinces Lofty to change his bet to a horse called 'Midas Touch'. Later that evening in the Queen Vic Ali informs him that 'Easy Rider' won and 'Midas Touch' did not place. Arthur is also in the Vic selling lottery tickets for Walford Town. Simon buys eight and wins £25. With two tickets left Simon and Lofty decide to buy one each, Lofty jealous of Simon's luck swaps tickets with him and is overjoyed to win 50p. However this is short lived when Simon reveals he has won another £25. The men of the Square then start thier meeting about trying to catch Nick out at his thieving ways but are interrupted by Dr Legg who warns them against vigilante justice. Andy returns to see Debbie for a meal just as she receives another obscene phone call. She tells Andy sh humours the caller so as not to make him angry. During the meal they argue with Andy explaining that he will not be paying his half not paying for 2 weeks he was away. In return Debbie presents Andy with a 'bill' for the meal.During the washing up Andy gets romantic and suggest that he and Debbie share a shower, afterwards Andy offers to move back in and 'proposes' to Debbie calling it a technicality as they are sharing bills, Debbie calls it an 'ultimatum'