Episode 76
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 76aDot is grabbed by the Fabulous Frankie at the Ladies Night in the Queen Vic
BBC transmission date 7 November 1985
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director William Slater
Writer Jane Hollowod
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 75 (5 November 1985)
Next episode Episode 77 (12 November 1985)


Having seen Pete drive off Nick accosts Kathy by the side of the Queen Vic. Despite giving him double last week Nick is demanding anther £20 of her. He tells her to meet him at 1 o'clock at the playground or he will spill the beans to Pete. Sharon and Angie are making posters for the Ladies Night when Sharon starts to serenade Simon . Den interrupts them before ushering Sharon off to school and Simon to the wholesalers. He believs the night will be a dead loss and tells Angie he will be going 'out' indicating that he is meeting Jan. Mary is nervous about her upcoming audition for her stripping job, but she needn't worry she gets the job. Dot spies Kathy coming form the playground closely followed by Nick, Kathy rushes off but Dot get's the wrong end of the stick and quotes the Bible to Nick before reminding him that she is a married woman. In the Launderette Pauline asks Michelle if Lofty is the father of her unborn child, she vehemently denies this. At the same time Arthur is making a mess of asking lofty the same question to Lofty who gets confused about everything much to Den's amusement. Arthur is then asked by Pauline to have a word with Nick which does not go according to plan, with Arthur vowing that his 'social work' days are over. As he leave the Launderette Arthur is approached by Pete who is concerned that Kathy is hiding something from him, he asks Arthur to have a word but he declines. After Angie confronts Den about Jan asking to meet her, Den tells her that he loves them both equally but wants to keep both lives separate, before deciding he will stay home tonight. Whilst the ladies are enjoying Ladies Night in the bar, the men are upstairs when talk turns to speculation about the father of Michelle's baby. Ali and Tony both confess that they had had incidents with her a few months ago when they had taken her in after finding her drinking on the street but can't agree whether she was looking for a shoulder to cry on or a 'bit more'. Pete reminds Den that Den that Michelle was around him too at the time. Tony suggests that if things went a different way either of them could have been the father. As the men agree that they all have their own suspicions Lofty walks in and they all turn and stare at him. Downstairs the ladies are having a great time with singer, Danny Owen, a drag act and stripper, the Fabulous Frankie. This all becomes too much for Kathy who runs into the hall where she is comforted by Tony. He fetches Pauline and Angie and returns upstairs. Kathy then tears tells the of how she was raped on her way home from school aged 14 and gave birth nine month later and that Nick is now blackmailing her as Pete doesn't know. Upstairs Tony tells Pete that Kathy has been upset by Nick. Pete threatens to kill him and while the other men are discussing ways to take Nick down once and for all with the police Pete rushes downstairs into the path of a distraught Kathy.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dulice Liecier as Sheena Mennell
  • Doreen Taylor as Maude
  • Jeannie Taylor as Lil
  • Frank Jakeman as Fabulous Frankie
  • Lori Lee as Drag Act
  • Danny Owen as Singer