Episode 75
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 75bMary's exotic dancing upsets her friend, Lofty
BBC transmission date 5 November 1985
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director William Slater
Writer Liane Aukin
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 74 (31 October 1985)
Next episode Episode 76 (7 November 1985)


Fireworks Night: A 'guy' sits outside the Queen Vic wearing a Margaret Thatcher mask, Nick approaches and lights a cigarette as Kathy walks around the corner. The look at each other in silence before walking away from each other. In the Cafe Ethel tells Tony how generous everyone has been in donating money for the fireworks display, even Nick who gave her £3, Suspicious about where the money came from Tony questions as to where the money came from. Nick says that he won it on the horses then proceeds to racially abuse Tony who takes takes a swing at him. Tony expresses his concerns to Arthur and believes that Nick is ignoring him because of his colour and thinks Arthur may have better luck talking to Nick. Arthur reluctantly agrees. Pete goes to the Launderette to pick up yesterdays washing. Dot informs him that when checking the Kathy's pockets she found a pawnbrokers slip for Pete's cuff-links. Pete is furious and confides in Pauline that he thinks she may be gambling. Sheena has brought some 'stripper' music for Mary to practice to. As she has a prior engagement Sheena suggests that she practices in front of someone else. Mary invited Lofty round to hers to watch the practice but when she starts dancing in front of him in her underwear he gets upset and storms out. Lofty seeks advice from Pauline about the situation and asks if she can have a word with Mary, she does but Mary is worried that if the news got out it would force her to leave the square so promises her to secrecy. At the Vic, as Angie is planning a ladies night with a stripper, whilst Sharon talks to Simon about his old band and suggests setting a band up herself. They are interrupted by Den and Sharon leaves, allowing Den to school Simon in the art of selling cheap booze as a branded product. Following the fireworks display Arthur is congratulated in the Vic. Pete approaches Kathy and questions her about the pawnbrokers ticket. Kathy storms out of the Vic into the gardens where she finds a 'guy' sitting by a fire. The guy removes his mask to reveal himself as Nick.