Episode 74
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 74The Beales and Fowlers make wishes at Halloween
BBC transmission date 31 October 1985
Duration 30 minutes
Executive Producer Julia Smith
Director Antonia Bird
Writer Bill Lyons
Credits See List
Previous episode Episode 73 (29 October 1985)
Next episode Episode 75 (5 November 1985)


It is Wicksy's first day as bar manager at the Queen Vic. Sharon informs Angie that she has set out some practical jokes for him to welcome him to his new job. These include 'black-face' soap in the bathroom with which she ends up getting Den, a rubber rat in the bar which almost gives Ethel a heart attack, a fake spider in the cash register and dehydrated worms to put in Wicksy's drink. Initially suspecting Wicksy, Den over hears Sharon asking Angie how the jokes have gone down and starts to plan hos revenge. Whilst Pete is delivering goods to Henry's Wine Bar at the end of Turpin Road Nick approaches her demanding this weeks blackmail payment. When she advises him that she may struggle to get it together by the end of the day Nick threatens to tell Pete the truth about Kathy's past. Andy is preparing his zombie costume for Halloween when he and Debbie have a heated argument about their relationship she thinks he is too childish and he accuses of being too serious. Andy suggest that they start planning for a holiday in Spain next year and leaves some brochures for her to look at. Dot's suspicions are raised regarding Nick as he has not asked her for any money for three weeks so she approaches Tony and asks if he would speak to him and find out if there is anything going on. Tony reluctantly agrees. Angie confides Pauline that, on Sharon's advice, she has booked an appointment at the Marriage Guidance Council but it will not be for another few weeks, she doubts that when the time comes though that Den will attend. Angie also expresses her concerns about takings at the Vic and that she is planning a stripper night to brink in extra business. Michelle returns to the Square with her new bike and is chatting to Lofty outside her house. Arthur spies her and worries that Lofty could be the father of Michelle's unborn baby. At Lou's Halloween party the guests 'Bob for Apples' before indulging in a little 'white magic' by lighting floating candles and making a wish, with the owner of the last candle to be extinguished coming true. After confusion over who's candle is who's Lou states that she believes Michelle will win as she is due some good fortune. That evening the Queen Vic is almost dead as everyone is attending a Halloween party at the wine bar. Nick approaches Kathy again and she reluctantly give him his next instalment. Den's revenge campaign kicks in when Angie and Sharon become victims of itching powder and Andy has cold water squirted down his trousers. Whilst changing his clothes at home Andy storms out following another argument with Debbie when she tells him that she has handed in her notice and the bank.