Episode 73
EastEnders Screen Cap Episode 73Martin Albert Fowler is Christened
BBC transmission date 29 October 1985
Director Antonia Bird
Writer Michael Robartes
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Previous episode Episode 72 (24 October 1985)
Next episode Episode 74 (31 October 1985)


It is the morning of baby Fowler's Christening and Arthur is celebrating Walford Town's recent 5-2 victory by wearing hat and scarf which he threatens to wear to the ceremony. Pauline who has been thinking about an absent Mark is not amused. Lou comes down the stairs and informs Pauline and Arthur that she had a dream in which Albert came to her and told her that they should name the baby in memory of him. But they dismiss this saying they want to give him a more modern name. Pete arrives at the Fowler's with the video camera as everyone is preparing for the day ahead and Ethel arrives all glammed up. Saeed arrives with an protective talisman and mini Quran to act as a luck charm for the baby. He informs Pauline that his father is once again talking of selling the shop and asks her for Naima's address but Pauline refuses. Angie then arrives and informs the Fowlers of some bad news. Den won't be able to attend the Christening to be the godfather as he has been unavoidably detained and she doesn't know where he is. It is decided that a 'proxy' will stand in for him. Ethel suggest Nick, much to the annoyance of the Fowler's and Pete tells Ian he is too young before suggesting and agreeing on Simon. During the ceremony it is revealed that the baby is to be Christened Martin Albert Fowler, making Lou a very happy grandmother. Arthur also wins a bet he had made with Simon earlier by pinning a Walford Town rosette on the baby's bottom, thereby getting the teams colours into the church. Back at Fowler's the celebrations continue with a toast to Martin and a Cockney knees up, singing and dancing to "My Old Man's a Dustman." Sharon runs out when Angie, upset at Den's absence, jokes that he is not there because he broke his leg trying to get it 'over.' The celebrations continue that evening at the Queen Vic. Kelvin is DJing, and Sue becomes jealous of Ali when he sneaks a dance with Debbie. Den returns and is disappointed that despite missing the Christening he is still the godfather. Michelle, Shraon and Angie all have a go at Den about his behaviour. A drunken Ian is taken upstairs by Simon and A legless Dr Legg makes a drunken speech before everyone sits down to watch the christening video.